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MAXIMUM POTENTIAL EDUCATION (MPE) is a holistic education company serving individuals, families, communities, schools, and businesses, and with the capacity to do all of this either in person or remotely in these turbulent times. Our specialties include standardized test prep, essay coaching, upper level Math, Science, and English academic tutoring, and admissions counseling paired with application advising. We also provide personalized Executive Function coaching and skills training, as well as homeschooling support in all subject areas, both academic and creative/artistic. 


Even before the pandemic, the founders of MPE knew that what sets us apart is that we think about our clients holistically. We can easily teach you where to put a comma, how to factor a quadratic function, or what creatures roamed the earth during the Paleozoic period, and at the same time (and of equal importance), we know that every child and adult learns and thinks differently. We’ve all been criticized more than enough, and a compassionate approach only enhances learning and outcomes. We recognize that building confidence is as important as building skills. We can share methods for relaxation and focus, including breathing practices, executive functioning strategies, and stress reduction techniques. Multiple studies have shown how the arts impact our lives in every way, supplementing and reinforcing academic achievement, and we are happy to provide a variety of services and strategies side-by-side through both our Creative Corner and our Health & Wellness Corner. 

Creatie Corner
Health & Wellness Corner

At MPE, we look forward to helping you maximize your potential.


For our full Educational Philosophy Statement, click here.

At MPE, we believe in equity in education. To learn more about

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Testimonials from our happy and successful clients!

“I got 100% of the Geometry questions right — a full +400 vs. my first diagnostic test, and I have you to thank for the miraculous improvement over the past 6 months.”

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