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Planning for College:

Tips for Success
(and Less Stress!)

Planning for College: Tips for Success (and Less Stress!)

An introductory college prep workshop for high school students (and parents)


DATE: Contact us about our next college planning workshop!

TIME: 7-8pm


Planning for College topics include:

  • College Admissions Planning

  • Test Prep (PSAT/SAT/ACT)

  • College Essay Advice 

  • The Selection Process

  • What's Changed Since the Pandemic

  • Why You Should Start Early!
        ... and more!

Facilitated by Sharon Cooper & Jesse Tendler, Co-Founders of MPE.


“I know she did this well because of you. With scores in the 99th percentile, she can go anywhere.”

“My son’s essays were beautifully written and so interesting, and his confidence in writing has improved tenfold. The time and money was well spent.”

Maximum Potential Education (MPE) invites high school students and their parents to join us in September on Zoom where MPE Co-Founders Sharon Cooper and Jesse Tendler will explore all of the topics below and more in our FREE workshop: Planning for College: Tips for Success (and Less Stress!).


The summer and early fall are an excellent time for all high school students to be thinking about college: for 9th graders to consider what they should be doing in high school to best leverage their chances for acceptance into their top choice school, for 10th & 11th graders to prep for standardized tests (AP/Regents/PSAT) and learn how to write impressive essays, and for rising seniors to make a tailored list of colleges, write the best college application essays, and take the SAT/ACT to achieve their highest possible scores. 


This one-hour interactive info session is chock full of valuable information. Here's a quick rundown of the topics we'll be covering:


  • General Admissions Planning & Strategies for Success

  • The College Selection Process

  • Early Action, Early Decision

  • Standardized Testing

    • ​SAT / ACT / PSAT / NMSQT

    • Explaining Test Optional, Test Blind, & Test Flexible

  • The “Resume” / Activity List

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Interviewing

  • Taking a Gap Year / Deferring Admission

  • What to do if you get waitlisted

  • College Application Essays, including...

    • ​The Personal Statement

    • Supplemental Essays

    • Discussing the Pandemic

    • and more...

  • Reducing STRESS!


And of course we'll conclude with a Q&A session!

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