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Admissions Advising

Preparing students for the next step in their academic careers and their impending professional pursuits can be a daunting task. MPE provides a variety of services to help students (and parents) make the most informed decisions.


Our individualized consulting program includes the following options:

Essay Advising 

School Analysis & Selection

Resume Writing/Editing & Resume Development

Interview Coaching

Portfolio Planning & Development

Standardized Test Selection

Identifying and Selecting Summer Programs

Consulting for Pre-College and College Enrichment and Advancement Programs

Prep for Honors Programs and Gifted & Talented Programs

In today’s increasingly competitive academic atmosphere, we at MPE realize that career and college planning starts much earlier for many families, particularly in the tri-state area and internationally. For this reason, we offer our consulting services as early as pre-middle school in order to give students a head start and launch them on their path to academic success.

We offer both group workshops and seminars as well as our Signature Individualized Consulting Program. When engaged for individualized consulting, we meet with the student and one or more parents/guardians in order to get a complete picture of the applicant. We conduct hours of research based on the information provided to us during our in-depth initial consultations in order to best assess our clients’ needs and make our services and recommendations as personally tailored as possible.

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