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Creative Corner

Studies have shown that the arts improve our mental and emotional health, our critical and creative thinking, test scores, academic performance (math, reading, and science), and consequently our lives. At MPE, we offer programming in the arts as a way to enhance educational activities and to help people of all ages have more fulfilling lives.

Our team at MPE includes stellar creative professionals with backgrounds in education. Whether you’ve always wanted to write a memoir or to introduce your younger child or teenager to creative writing, acting, dance, visual arts, or piano, we are here for you. Our services are available remotely in both private and small group settings, as well as in person whenever it is deemed safe to do so.

Image by Noom Peerapong
Image by Avel Chuklanov
Jesse R Tendler - Professional Headshot
Image by Pereanu Sebastian
Adela Sinclair - Poet.jpeg
Image by Sarah Brown
Shannon McBride - Fine Arts (Teaching Ac
Ballet Dancers
Carrie Lee Riggins - Ballet 1.jpeg
Leaping Dancer
Tara Zaffuto Mullins - Modern Dance - Pr
Maggini's violin
Melissa Tong - Violin.jpg
Playing Piano
Nick Moore - Piano.jpeg
Detail of Sheet Music
Louis Sacco - Voice Coach.jpg
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