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Academic Tutoring

in All Subject Areas

At Maximum Potential Education, we help students reach their full potential and highest possible level of success, offering a variety of services to suit our clients’ needs. Our academic tutoring is completely individualized, and our sessions help you or your student develop a competitive edge, building confidence and a lifelong love of learning. Our tutors and consultants are dedicated to researching and implementing optimal learning strategies for students of all ages and backgrounds.

We help students achieve grade point averages that qualify them for top-tier colleges and universities. We work with students to prepare them for unit tests and final exams in academic subjects and help students develop and hone their study skills for continued success. We can also assist students in catching up if they have fallen behind, and we offer creative solutions to learning at home, as well as referrals to full curriculum homeschooling as needed. Whether your student has an existing assignment or you are seeking enrichment-based activities, we are here for you.

We offer tutoring in the following subjects at the Elementary, Middle, High School, & College levels:

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  • Analytical writing and analyzing literature

  • Support for academic papers, including organization, structure, and incorporating research

  • Grammar, usage, mechanics, diction, literary devices, vocabulary building, inference, and more

  • Persuasive essays, personal essays, and journal writing


Mathematics (all levels through Calculus, including Statistics and Logical Reasoning)

Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth Science, and more)


Languages (French, Spanish, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, and more)


History and Social Studies


General Organizational Skills & Strategies


Research Techniques


After just a couple months of weekly meetings, my teachers, my parents, and I started to see drastic improvements in my writing. Not only was Ms. Cooper effective in teaching me proper grammar and sentence and essay structure, but she truly helped me to explore and find my own voice. My younger sibling now has the privilege of working with her.

 “Thank you so much for all your help throughout the school year. You made chemistry actually interesting… You applied it to life and made it easier to understand. I really thank you.”

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