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Health & Wellness Corner

At MPE, we are strong believers in a holistic approach to educational excellence. We understand the importance of mental health and physical well-being, especially as these pertain to intellectual pursuits. We collaborate with Yoga teachers, meditation experts, fitness trainers, Pilates instructors, Reiki masters, nutrition coaches, and more. 

Outdoor Aerobics
Alphonso White - Fitness Trainer.jpg
Kimber Domke - Pilates-Nutrition - Prima
Yoga at Home
Zen Stones
Adela Sinclair - Poet.jpeg
Ray of Light
Roberto Tai Chi - 2111 cropped.jpg

We partner with Clinical Psychologists with expertise in neuropsych evaluations for IEPs (Individualized Education Programs), identification of learning differences, and for securing academic and testing accommodations (such as extended time on standardized tests). We also refer to Mental Health Therapists with exceptional track records in the industry and extensive experience working with clients of various ages and backgrounds.

Image by La-Rel Easter
Dr Allyson Hentel-Koplin 2.jpg
Sabrina N'Diaye
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