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Partners & Advisory


Maximum Potential Education works with specialists and experts in their respective fields to provide our clients with the services they need and to ensure that we are as up to speed as possible on current trends and standards in the education sector.


Dr. Allyson Hentel-Koplin


Dr. Allyson Hentel-Koplin is a New York State-licensed clinical psychologist. She received her BA from Colgate University and earned her MA and Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies at Adelphi University. She completed her clinical psychology internship at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitative Medicine, Child/Adult Track. Dr. Hentel-Koplin currently holds a Diploma in School Neuropsychology from the American Board of School Neuropsychology.

Over the course of her professional career, Dr. Hentel-Koplin has developed a specialty interest in working with young children with a focus on developmental and learning issues.


Dr. Hentel-Koplin has been in private practice in New York City for the past 15 years working with children, adolescents, and adults. Her practice includes psychotherapy, psychoeducational evaluations, and comprehensive neuropsychological testing, as well as parent guidance and school consultation. She also runs social skills groups.

Dr. Hentel-Koplin worked for the Educational Review Bureau conducting early childhood admission assessments of young children ranging in age from three to ten in preschool classroom and office settings. Her role included consulting with preschool directors, preparing reports to be used for the admissions process of independent schools in the greater New York City area. School placements included The 92nd Street Y Nursery School, West Side Montessori School, and The Episcopal School.

For the past 7 years, Dr. Hentel-Koplin has been one of the school psychologists on staff at the Horace Mann School of New York City. Her role at Horace Mann includes providing a range of psychological assessments, interventions, prevention, health promotion, program development, and evaluation services with a special focus on the developmental processes of children and youth within the context of schools, families, and communities.

Dr. Hentel-Koplin resides in New York City and is the mother of three daughters. As a parent raising children in NYC, she is aware of the unique challenges of raising families and growing up in NYC. To learn more about her work, visit NestPsych.

Dr. Sabrina N’Diaye

Therapist, Storyteller, Peacebuilder

Dr. Sabrina N’Diaye is an integrative psychotherapist and founder of the Heart Nest Center for Peace and Healing in Baltimore. There, she lovingly serves women, couples, other healers, and small groups. Her approach to healing is a blend of wisdom, science, and ancient spiritual practices. She is a student of the late Sufi Master Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal of Jerusalem and incorporates Sufi healing into her work with individuals, families, and communities.


Sabrina received her PhD in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University, where she studied the use of complementary and alternative interventions for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Her dissertation study focused on the use of guided imagery as a healing tool for African-American women with chronic STIs.


Sabrina has served as a guest lecturer for the Maryland University of Integrative Health and adjunct faculty at Saybrook University. She is also a proud faculty member of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, where she teaches the art of self-care to healthcare professionals around the globe. She is currently serving the Center as a teacher and guide for Jordanian healthcare professionals who are in service to Syrian refugees.


Dr. Sabrina is a highly-respected member of the treatment community and frequently lectures on cultural diversity, spirituality, stress management, self-care for healers, addictions, and the “magic” of connection. Her many audiences include police departments, flight attendants, healing artists, peacebuilders, and aspiring writers. She is currently writing her first book, The Laugh of Love, based on her maternal grandmother’s ability to transcend multiple traumas and chronic illness.


Dr. Sabrina is a devoted wife, mother, daughter, and life-long learner, who remains humbled by the healing power of compassion, love, and forgiveness. She is available for live and distance healing sessions. For more information on Dr. Sabrina’s work, click here.

Denise Daley


Denise Daley is a team player and a problem-solver. She believes that the most powerful ideas evolve when brainstorming with a group of people. Denise brings depth, thoughtfulness and multiple perspectives to any situation. Her capacity to listen and read behind the lines brings a level of humanity to her discourse. Her capacity to work with both young and older learners is evidenced by the multiple approaches she takes with her audience. 


Currently the Middle and Upper School Technology Integrationist at the Spence School in New York City, she brings her wealth of knowledge and expertise in that field in her teaching of both middle and high school students, and in running workshops for teachers. She is passionate about understanding how individuals learn and helping learners build connections between concrete to abstract concepts. 


Denise is an educator for over 30 years and has worked in three different private schools. Knowing that each school comes with its own values and culture, Denise remains adaptable and reflective on what matters most in schools and finds the heart of schools in their mission statement. Denise always gets involved in the life of the school as she finds that is one true and tested way to understand a community. This involvement always extends into the diversity initiatives of a school, seeing the value of offering a lens into the experiences and needs of students of color. 


Denise comes with a background in chemistry / science, her first field of study in college, and also with a Masters Degree in Educational Technology from Teachers College, Columbia University. Denise is a solid asset to any organization.

Linda G. Allen

Apple Tree Consulting

Linda G. Allen is a national and international educational specialist, speaker, and writer. She received her Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Middle Tennessee State University and additional certifications from the University of Louisville. For many years, she taught in Kentucky and Tennessee and did educational work in Ohio. She has established Apple Tree Consulting, Inc., an education consulting company in Louisville, Kentucky.

Linda provides professional development in the areas of differentiation, assessment, brain compatible learning, Singapore math, science, literacy strategies, and classroom management. She has provided professional development in forty-eight states and several foreign countries, including China, and has learned immensely from teachers and specialists in each place she has been.

She works with both general education and special education teachers from kindergarten through high school, and additionally provides training for parents, substitute teachers, and paraprofessionals. Her long-time interest in brain compatible research has provided opportunities to extend her knowledge of how children learn, of building communities of learners, and of teaching students with special needs. Her topics in brain compatible learning include how children learn, memory strategies, novelty in the classroom, stress and threat, processing learning, and interventions in learning.

Linda is avid about sharing what she has learned from research and teacher experts around the country with other teachers. Her slogan has become, “Enriching children’s lives by nourishing teachers’ minds.”