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We know that a well-rounded and balanced individual is generally a successful and fulfilled individual; therefore, we offer the following list of resources and articles in order to provide more extensive enrichment.


We hope you will enjoy visiting these sites, whether to find your next great book to read, to tour a world-class museum virtually, to discover a meditation practice, or to learn how to code!

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The Scene Study Emergency Pack is a collection of short plays written or adapted to be used for scene study in a remote learning environment – where part of the given circumstances of the play is that the characters are communicating from separate locations via Skype/FaceTime/etc.
These plays can be rehearsed by actors at separate locations via those apps, and presented in a Zoom (or other remote learning) virtual classroom.


MPE’s own Sharon Cooper adapted her short play “In the MeanTime” for volume two. Click here to download all packets.

Anti-Racism Resources:

Books for Children:

Free Tours: Resources For Individuals, Parents, And Teachers



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