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Resume Building,

Gap Year Advising,

& School Selection

Our Resume Building, Gap Year Advising, & School Selection services are a subset of our Career & Admissions Counseling offerings.


This includes the following services:

Resume Writing and Development

Summer Programs & Activities (research, recommendations, & eligibility determination)
Gap Year Advising and Itinerary Planning
Selecting Pre-College Programs
Internship Considerations
Admissions Portfolio Planning
School Analysis & Selection
Preparing for Gifted & Talented Programs

Image by Jordan Ladikos

In today’s increasingly competitive academic atmosphere, we realize that resume building must be a conscious activity. For this reason, we offer our consulting services as early as pre-middle school in order to give students a head start and launch them on their path to academic success. We work with students to identify the best matches for their particular skills, interests, test scores, and grades. 

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